Do your employees struggle with…


feeling burnt out?

a dip of productivity during the day?

chronic pain made worse with a sedentary lifestyle or overuse?

negative work environment or tense coworker relationships?


Yoga has been shown to improve all of these areas while improving a company’s bottom line.

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All services are customized to meet the needs of your company’s culture and environment.

30 min, No Sweat Chair Yoga

No time to change your clothes? No problem. Sneak in 30 minutes of yoga mid-day at lunch or in replace of that afternoon sugar snack.


Boardroom Yoga

Yoga can be done anywhere, even in a conference room. Schedule your consultation to discuss how and where you can fit yoga in your office.


Traditional Mat Yoga

The classic yoga class and most powerful option. A traditional Hatha yoga class can accommodate any body type and leaves your workers feeling relaxed and energized.


Meditation and Breathwork

Specific meditation and breathing for an office setting. This 30 min class will have benefits lasting long after the class is over and leave workers with a new set of mindful tools to use afterward.

Curious how yoga can fit in your office?
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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

  • Improve mood
  • Increase productivity and concentration
  • Higher quality, more creative work
  • Reduced chronic pain
  • Increased energy – fewer mid-day crashes
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Boosts company’s bottom line by reducing the cost of burnout in employees

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Who am I?


Hi, I’m Stephani.

As a therapist, wellness coach and yoga teacher, I guide people to feel and be their best selves. I was trained in a traditional Hatha yoga style, Sivananda Yoga, which I use as a foundation for most classes.

I practice what I preach and serve my students in a nurturing environment. I make accommodations when needed and challenge my students to be fully present in each class.

Each class is a gift to give and an opportunity to learn.

It’s an honor to serve and would love to talk more about how we can make it a reality for your workspace.

Got questions?   I am here to help.


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