Imagine living the life you love

With a lasting loving partner by your side.

Dating is like a roller coaster ride.

The first few times, it’s fun.

After getting hurt, dating the “same” people and struggling to find “the one” the emotional roller coaster isn’t much fun anymore.

Do you ever…

  • feel like you have thw whole package but can’t find a guy who can match you?
  • carry guilt, anger, distrust or resentment from a past relationship?
  • find it difficult to get out of your comfort zone to find potential partners?

What if you could confidently date without wasting time on the wrong people?

Ready to live a fulfilled life while attracting a quality partner?

I believe that you are here for a reason.
You have all the answers you need to be successful, you just need someone to help you dig deep.

Ready to move forward and live your life happy and healthy?

3 Unexpected Barriers to Finding Authentic Love:


ONE Not knowing what you want  – Dating to date is fun and fine but when you’re looking for a quality long term partner you need to what you want. You need to be able to be specific. You need to know who you are and what you want in life as an individual first. 


TWO – Carrying the past into the present – You’ve been hurt and lied to in the past. So how are you supposed to trust someone again? When you don’t take the time ot heal from the past it will prevent your self from truly moving forward in the next relationship, even if it is a healthy relationship.


THREE – No education or guidance – Friends and family try and give advice but it never feels like it fits. You were never taught how to be in a healthy relationship. Your knowledge is based on your experiences growing up and in adulthood – which most likely involved some level of dysfunction.

What if you had a trusted guide who walked you through steps to help you break through these barriers and become naturally attractive?


Barriers are only as big and complicated as we make them out to be.
With the right tools and guidance, you can overcome them and attract quality partners.


Without a clear plan, vision, and guidance to get you there, you run the risk of taking your last relationship into the next, or worse, repeating the same situation.


The Ultimate Rebound

Build the foundations for healthy lasting relationships.

While naturally attracting quality partners, and stop feeling desperate so you can live a life you love.


I know what it’s like to be chronicly singe, or on/off dating with the same types of guys. You have to manage the emotional ups and downs of dating and meeting new people, hoping each one could potentially be “the one.”

Now is the perfect time to refocus on your relationship with yourself, let go of limiting beliefs and realign with your goals in life. If not now, when?

The Ultimate Rebound is an intense 6-week online group coaching course for ladies looking to get serious about dating by going through an easy 3 step process.

Through the emotional chaos of dating, I have carved the path to guide you to a place of confidence, worthiness, and peace.

Together, in a small group of motivated ladies, I’ll personally walk you through the critical 3 steps needed to heal grow and thrive in singlehood. You’ll create a loving relationship from the inside out, laying the foundations for healthy lasting love.

I am so excited to be part of your journey to LOVE.

During The Ultimate Rebound, you will:

Gain the knowledge and skills to take control (and responsibilty) of your happiness and love life.

Become crystal clear on what you want & how to attract it.

Learn to truly love yourself.

Establish rock-solid self-worth to build better boundaries.

Understand how to live in alignment with a life you love.

This group is for you if you are…


  • A woman who “has it all” but is longing for a partner.
  • Eager to move forward and create a life that is aligned with your values and purpose.
  • Ready to make changes and be challenged.
  • Open to learn and connect with others.
  • Willing to do what it takes to take control of your health, happiness, and life.

This group is NOT for you if you…


  •  Identify as a man.
  •  Are in a healthy committed relationship.
  •  Are not hopeful for change or expect others to ‘fix’ you.
  • Cannot commit to 4 hours a week of self-growth.
  • Are too financially strapped to invest in yourself at this moment.

So, how does it work?

Step 1

Acknowledge The Past

Step 2

Honor the Present

Step 3

Embrace the Future

Weekly Modules


Step 1:

Module 1 – Start where you are

Initial assessments, inventory to get to know yourself. Become aware of critical mindset shifts needed for success and know your  “why.”

Module 2 – Feel it to heal it

Breakthrough limiting beliefs to rewrite your story. Learn how to understand and manage big emotions.

Step 2:

Module 3 – Feeling good from the inside out

Learn to love yourself in a way that is unique to you. Uncover your self-worth and how to listen to yourself.

Module 4 – Finding your truth

Connect with your true Self. Identify your needs, wants, and values in life.

Step 3:

Module 5 – Breaking the cycle

Explore the foundations of a healthy relationship and the healthy relationship spectrum. How to set healthy boundaries.

Module 6 – Onward and upward

Own your worth. Understand conscious dating and how to attract the partner & life you desire.

Whats it worth to you…

  • TO become naturally attractive
  • Waste less time dating wrong guys
  • Stop feeling desperate
  • Live a life you love

Love notes from clients:


“I really do feel the difference and what’s great is even on my down days, I have the skills to bring me back up. You have seriously changed my life Stephani”

Brooke W.

“I felt comfortable to open up and share my experiences with the group. The journaling exercises helped me to explore my thought patterns and gain a better understanding of my process. I also learned the importance of being an observer of my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend Steph’s groups and an excited for the newcomers.”

Melinda C.

Begin your journey through The Ultimate Rebound into a happier, healthier, whole you and lay the foundation for a lasting loving relationship. 

It’s time to invest in you.


Here’s what you’re getting when you sign up:


  • 6 live 90min group coaching calls
  • 6 live Q&A’s
  • Small, supportive, private FB group of like-minded ladies to cheer you on
  • Weekly self-exploration exercises
  • Secure portal for communication and content
  • Bonus resources, challenges, and motivation



Next time The Ultimate Rebound opens the price will increase, get in at this deal today.


First 3 ladies to sign up get one 45 min individual session FREE ($150 value)

Registration Closes Soon!








Commitment from you:

Group Coaching* calls are Mondays 7:30 – 9 pm EST.

> Weekly FB lives to dive deeper & answer questions are on Thursday at 11 am EST.

>  Support available 24/7 on our private FB page.

*Attendance is strongly encouraged for the group coaching calls on Mondays.

All calls and FB lives are recorded in case you unable to attend a session.

Who am I?


Hi, I’m Stephani.

From my first love to a hot summer fling, I was always dating the ‘wrong’ people. The worst was with a partner who was emotionally abusive – it wreaked havoc on my mental and physical health and crushed my sense of self.

It took all my courage and strength to get out of that relationship. Then I was left to heal on my own. I felt alone, sick, depressed and anxious.

Day by day, I took control of my mental and physical health, got serious about what I wanted in a relationship and owned my value.

It was through this process that I strengthened my confidence, felt amazing and attracted a healthy lasting love, my current boyfriend. As I continue owning my worth and setting boundaries my relationship continues to get better and be healthier. 

Now, my passion is guiding other women to do the same.

As a therapist, wellness coach and yoga teacher, I guide people to dive deep, be courageous and pursue their desires.

You are not alone, I am here for you.

You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done group coaching, how does it work?

The beauty of group coaching is the power of community! If thinking of sharing your most intimate secrets with a new group of ladies sounds scary…well it can be and that’s the point. You grow when you are pushed outside of you comfort zone.

The group will meet live twice a week online via video chat in a portal using Zoom with a small group of other like-minded women who have similar relationship challenges, fears, insecurities and who are motivated to make changes to live a happy and whole life.

You will soon realize emotional pain comes in all shapes and forms but the root is all very similar. The Ultimate Rebound is designed for you to see yourself in others, share in the journey and realize you’re not alone

What day and time's are the calls?

Group coaching calls are Mondays, 7:30 – 9 pm EST.

FB Lives (Q&A plus going deeper on topics) are on Thursdays at 11 am EST.

For Winter 2020 our dates are as follows:


Monday Feb 10 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Feb 13 @ 11 am FB Live – Q&A

Monday  Feb 17 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Feb 20 @ 11 am FB Live – Q&A

Monday  Feb 24 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Feb 27 @ 11am FB Live – Q&A

Monday  Mar 2 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Mar 5 @ 11 am FB Live – Q&A

Monday  Mar 9 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Mar 12 @ 11 am FB Live – Q&A

Monday  Mar 16 @ 7:30-9 pm Group Coaching

Thursday Mar 19 @  11 am FB Live Celebration of Wins!!

I'm an introvert, is this right for me?

Yes! Introverts benefit most from a group coaching mentality because if there is a question you might not be comfortable to ask, most likely, someone else if feeling the same way and will ask it. The spotlight is not always on you (as in a 1:1 coaching) so you can sit back and absorb all that is going on in the group. Participation is part of being in the group. Stepping out of your comfort zone is part of growing.

What if I miss a session?

Life happens, I get it. I suggest putting the schedule in your calendar ahead of time but if you miss a session have no fear. All sessions will be recorded and kept on the secure portal for the remainder of the group.

All other material discussed will be available on the portal as well.

What is required of me during the program?

Your commitment is to be open, communicate with the other group members, come to the weekly live sessions, do the self-exploration exercises, trust the process and trust yourself.

The weekly sessions on Mondays, FB Lives on Thursdays, plus exercises and engaging online with the other ladies would be about a 4-5 hours/week investment in yourself.

Tools needed:

  • Phone or computer with a camera and mic (headphones with mic work well too)
  • A journal or notebook to log your journey and complete journal prompts
  • Reliable Wifi. 
What if I don't have Facebook, can I still participate?

Yes, but you will miss out on some moving and dynamic group work. I would recommend signing up for Facebook just to participate in the group discussions and LIVE Q&A’s. 

What is the refund policy.

Don’t worry, if within the first week you decide this is not the right time for you to rebound or something else happens in life you can get your full monetary investment back. Please email Stephani at [email protected]

After the first week, due to the sensitive nature of the program and the importance of group cohesion, there will be no refunds. Please reach out directly to the facilitator, Stephani, with any concerns you might have so they can be addressed.


What about group confidentiality?

All of our communication occurs online in a secure, confidential portal. We will all meet twice a week via video chat, once for the lesson and group coaching, the second will be a check-in and Q&A via the Facebook private group.

Confidentiality is in the coaching agreement everyone will sign and is reiterated at the beginning of the first session. Sessions are recorded and kept on file in the secure portal for current group members to watch if they were unable to attend.

“What is said in the group stays in the group” motto is applied.

Got questions?   I am here to help.


Email at [email protected] or call 216.352.4009.