Get over your ex,

learn to love yourself

 while creating a foundation for authentic love.


Don’t let the fear of being alone forever get in your way of living a life with love today.

Find out how.


If you want to be “30 flirty and fun”

I’m so glad you’re here.

My clients are super smart and successful women

who knows they need to heal from the past & reconnect to herself before dating again.

They’re successful in the other areas of life but has recently gone through a long-term relationship breakup.

Some things they’re typically going through…

  • Dealing with the deep pain of loneliness.
  • Being scared of ending up in another bad relationship.
  • Beat themselves up – “I should’ve known better.”
  • Dreading the idea of having to date again.
  • Feeling lost.
  • Overthinking breakup and negative emotions about the ex.
  • Longing for intimacy and connection.

They have read self-help books and have listened to motivating podcasts but it still feels overwhelming.

They know there is a way out of the pain and is finally ready to do the work but realize they need help to break ingrained patterns.

Can you relate?

If so,  you’re in the right place.

Here’s the truth…

Whether you chose to break up or not, you are in this situation, and it’s hella uncomfortable – even painful.

Breakups and coming to terms with singlehood is an opportunity for amazing growth.

Being uncomfortable IS the price of growth so why not use this situation to grow into the fullest badass version of yourself.

The truth is that staying in an unhealthy, meaningless relationship is easy in the short term but that is what created the long-term problems.

Now is your chance to do the uncomfortable work and grow from this opportunity so that you can be ready and open for a deep, passionate & meaningful romantic relationship.


Being loved for exactly who you are.

Having so much fun on dates.

Feeling empowered to decide what you want & go after it.

Loving your life & yourself so much, you don’t even think about “needing” a partner.

Being confident & sexy in a new relationship.

If you’re ready for love, let me tell you about:

The Ultimate Rebound

The Ultimate Rebound is one on one life coaching using a mind-body-spirit approach to:

  • Heal from all the past relationship issues through thought work & processing emotions.
  • Love the present you – exactly who you are right now, nurturing your body and relaxing the nervous system.
  • Create a foundation for meaningful relationships in the future by connecting with your inner light to lead the way.

Through this unique approach, you will live a life full of love and attract your perfect partner. 




“I really do feel the difference and what’s great is even on my down days, I have the skills to bring me back up. You have seriously changed my life Stephani”

Brooke W.

Stephani is really good at listening non-judgmentally and noticing what thinking is working for me and what isn’t. She helped me figure out how to stop picking at my nails – something I’ve been doing for years. And now, my nails are growing better than ever.

Debbie Y.

I worked with Stephani as a coach and she was kind, creative, empowering, and encouraging. All the things I needed, and more! She helped me clarify my personal goals and take sustainable steps towards changing my mindset.

Stephanie M.

Rebound into yourself to create a life of love


    • Heal from your past so you can move on from your ex quicker
    • Permanently exit the dating “game” mentality which keeps you on edge always questioning yourself
    • Accept and process emotions fully through EFT (tapping) and thought work
    • Learn to set powerful and loving boundaries for all your relationships
    • Challenge thoughts that keep you stuck in “not enough”ness


    • Burndown any self-sabotaging behaviors and rebuild from scratch a loving and nourishing self-care routine
    • Learn how to relax and deeply calm the nervous system so you can think clearly and release stored emotions in the body
    • Instead of hiding your body & shape, see your body as beautifully and uniquely feminine


    • Liberate your attachment to seeking validation from outside yourself (e.g. people-pleasing, doing things “perfect” etc) and live into what remains: your inner fire and love.
    • Cultivate a relationship with your inner knowing and learn to trust her
    • Let your light shine, NOT by doing what other people expect of you but from a place true love for yourself.

    Learn the skills to lovingly coach yourself & have your back so you can live with a life of love, now and forever

    Ready for unshakeable love?

    It’s time you create the love and life you desire.

    I’m here to help you learn the skills to permanently be able to manage your emotions, your mind, and your life.

    The Ultimate Rebound includes:


    • 6 months of support
    • Weekly 1:1 video coaching sessions
    • Email recap of coaching calls with key takeaways
    • Homework & accountability to keep progress going
    • Worksheets are supplied as needed specifically for you

    We go as fast or as slow as you need during each phase of coaching.

    AND who doesn’t love a few bonuses:

    • Self-love care package delivered to your door with fun goodies to get you started
    • Weekly emails filled with short bursts of inspiration and fun

    “I felt comfortable to open up and share my experiences. The journaling exercises helped me to explore my thought patterns and gain a better understanding of my process. I also learned the importance of being an observer of my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend Stephani as a coach.”

    Melinda C.

    “Stephani challenged some of my thought processes in a great way and gave me practical tools to deal with day-to-day challenges I was facing.”

    Alex S.

    Ready? Let’s talk.

    To get started, sign up for a 60 min consult where you’ll get super clear on:

    How your past thinking is keeping you stuck

    What you *actually* want in your life

    Create a specific & unique plan for you

    You’ll walk away with action steps you can take to get started.

    And feel empowered to decide if life coaching is right for you right now.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I sign up?

    As of now, I am on a waitlist for The Ultimate Rebound one on one service. 

    If you join the waitlist, you’ll get bimonthly love letters with thought-provoking inspiration. (scroll up for a teal button) 

    And, you’ll be the first to know when there are 1:1 openings, retreats or other opportunities to work with me. 

    I am always growing and expanding my work. 

    What is Life Coaching?

    Life coaching is far more than just a cheerleader. Life coaches ask high-quality questions at the right time for you to have profound insights and put you back in the driver’s seat.

    Coaches hold space for you to process emotions so you can move forward. They provide new perspectives to your situations and help you decide what will serve you best going forward.

    Do you coach people who are already partnered?

    Yes. The Ultimate Rebound is a process to create loving relationships by learning to love yourself first.

    You can improve any relationship with this process. I’ve worked with men, women, single, married, divorced. I’ve helped women heal their relationship with their moms, romantic partners, ex’s new wife, and deceased loved ones.

    What is included?
    • 6 months of support
    • Weekly 1:1 video coaching sessions
    • Email recap of coaching calls with key takeaways
    • Homework & accountability to keep progress going
    • Worksheets are supplied as needed specifically for you

    + special surprises. 🙂

    I am part of the LGBTQ+ community or a guy, will you work with me?

    The Ultimate Rebound is geared toward humans who identify as female and are typically talked about as a female looking for a man.

    However, I am happy to identify as a female (she/her) queer who is in a loving non-menonogous relationship myself and am open to working with all types of people in all types of relationships.

    No matter how you identify nor your sexual preference or relationship style The Ultimate Rebound works because it works with all human brains. If you’re reading this, you’re a human and I can help.

    In general, if my message resonates with you, you’re a good fit.

    What if I miss a week?

    The Ultimate Rebound is based on 6 months of support.

    A week or two are added to the 6 months at the onset to account for possible missed weeks for the unexpected to happen from either party.

    This is plenty of time to get the results you want. Missed sessions or weeks are not “made up” later. We can communicate via email to check-in, otherwise, we keep moving forward.

    *While I am a licensed therapist in the state of Ohio, I do not offer therapy services across state lines. Individual life coaching is different from therapy in that it focuses on individual development and optimization, rather than diagnosing or treating psychopathology.

    If at any time I believe that coaching is not the right fit for you and/or there is evidence of psychopathology and the need for therapeutic support, I will assist you in finding a licensed therapist within your state who offers the services you need, either in place of, or in addition to our work together. Coaching services are not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness or replace therapeutic services by a licensed mental health professional within your state.