“Are you still single?” – Grandma

How are you planning on handling being single this holiday season?

In this guide, you’ll

  • learn the importance of mindset.
  • understand the 3 most common mindset pitfalls of the holidays.
  • learn how to begin making the shift so you can genuinely enjoy the holidays.

You have the power to choose your mindset, learn how.


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I literally was having anxiety this week about having to go home for Thanksgiving and potentially have family members ask about my ex. This was everything I needed to hear. I read through it, and instantly felt more in control and relaxed about heading home. You are really a blessing for me Stephani, thank you thank you!” – Brooke

Take control of your happiness.

Who am I?


Hi, I’m Stephani.

I’ve had my fair share of breakups over the years. From my first love to a hot summer fling. The worst was with a partner who was emotionally abusive – it wreaked havoc on my mental and physical health and crushed my sense of self.

It took all my courage and strength to get out of that relationship. Then I was left to heal on my own. I felt alone, sick, depressed and anxious.

Day by day, I took control of my mental and physical health.

It was through this process that I strengthened my confidence, felt good inside and out and attracted a healthy lasting love, my current boyfriend. We push each other to be better every day and remain open to new adventures.

Now, my passion is guiding other women to do the same.

As a therapist, wellness coach and yoga teacher, I guide people to feel and be their best selves.

You are not alone, I am here for you.

You’ve got this!

Got questions?   I am here to help.


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