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It’s time to stop trying to please everyone else and

Take charge of your happiness.

I can teach you how to create the freedom to go after what you really want in your life.

Stop holding yourself back because of insecurities, shame, and self-doubt.

You deserve a life that allows you to be fully you!

What is a Life Coach?

A Coach is far more than a cheerleader…

As a coach, I can give you an objective perspective on your life on what is working and what needs improvement. By asking you the right questions at the right time you will gain astonishing insight to your own mind. That’s where we can really address the underlying issue of so many problems that come up in your life. This approach allows you to create a permanent change instead of a “quick fix” that may get you results in the short term. 

My approach:

3 Steps to Live Authentically

Through this process, you will begin to see patterns in your life and empower you to create the life you want.

Release the Negative

Let go of the negative thinking, shame, judgment, and self-doubt.

Learn Skills

Learn to love yourself, own your self worth and speak in your Truth.

Create Confidence

Explore how to show up with confidence and what that will look like for you.

Hello 🙂

I’m Stephani

Coaching has been life-changing. It’s allowed me to be calmer and more at ease within my own skin. I am not only able to manage my own emotions, I have also learned to be at peace with where others are too. 

My core beliefs

  • Every human is whole just as they are right now.
  • Life is what you think of it – your thoughts are more powerful than you think.
  • Change starts with awareness and is driven by our emotions.
  • Everyone has the ability to live confidently and authentically.


Ready to create Confidence?

Build better relationships

Love the skin you’re in

Own your worth

Live Fearlessly

Trust yourself

Get clarity on what you want

Live life with confidence

Release negative self talk & shame

Client Love:

“Stephani challenged some of my thought processes in a great way and gave me practical tools to deal with day to day challenges I was facing.”

Alex S, Client Success Manager

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